It’s about Isabella and putting a price on carbon

My (step) Great Granddaughter, Isabella Bright was born on 10 Sept 2013. Although music is not my strong suit, I’m sure angels were singing to welcome her appearance as the 7,141,518,710th human soul now living in our social network on planet Earth [Ref 1]. As a Great Grandfather, I’d be remiss not to ponder one of […]

Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace

Peace does not mean appeasing those powers that perpetuate social injustices and environmental degradation. Rather, peace means nonviolently but actively confronting all such institutionalized principalities. And for inspiration and guidance on how to do just that, I turn to the wisdom in my own faith tradition of Unitarian Universalism, and I begin with Ralph Waldo […]

July Issue of The Interfaith Observer

I sit in the back of the class of fifth graders. We are all on the floor, listening to Mr. S explain the topography of the Grand Canyon. We recently spent two days there on a field trip; I went along as writer-in-residence. Now it is after lunch. Like me, many of the children (the […]

Faithful Witness

Sister Megan Rice Holding Up Sister Megan As Southern Nevada endures record-setting summer temperatures (oh, but it’s a dry heat!), Sister Megan Rice is experiencing the not-so-dry heat of a summer in Georgia, where she’s in prison awaiting a September sentencing. Her latest Transform Ploughshares Now action at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, nuclear weapons facility, […]

Dinosaur National Monument

Growing up back in the 1950’s, I didn’t get hooked by the dinosaur craze that gripped my brothers; it was enough to watch the Flintstones and their pet Dino sell cereal, vitamins, and whatever else wanted to sponsor their television show. I was just glad that my brothers stayed out of my stuff while they […]

Pondering Indian Paintbrush

Approaching the solstice, we make our way to a nearby field of stubble, bottles of water and a trowel stashed in Milt’s backpack. Weeks earlier, this spot had been as a lush meadow, refulgent with wildflowers. Vivid red Indian Paintbrush spread like wildfire across the whole area. And that was the problem, of course: this […]

Rebel with a Cause

“We see that you didn’t select a meal preference when you registered.” The young woman, eyes focus intently on the laptop screen in front of her, never looking up to make eye contact then asked politely, “Are you satisfied with Chicken? “ Gail nudged me and quietly pointed out the stack of yellow tickets sitting […]

Mow Down Pollution – 2013

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth” – that’s an old saying I was taught as a child. Quite frankly I’m still not sure I understand what it means – but I think it applies here. The Denver Metro Regional Air Quality Council partnered with Suncor Energy and Black and Decker to host the […]


Headline: As of Thursday, May 9, 2013 the daily 24 hour average of CO2 in the air, as measured by the U.S. monitoring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii was 400 parts per million – the highest level that any human (homo sapien) has ever seen. IF Stephen Colbert heard about this, here’s what he might […]

Mother’s Day – Wilted Dandelions

Wilted Dandelions. By Netta Hetrick …a recipe on page 27 of Debbie Allen’s 1993 Cookbook: “Seasoned with Love.” As is my tradition each spring now that Mom and Dad have passed, I make a “mess” of Wilted Dandelions from the first crop of these nutritious greens most people hate to see growing in their yard. […]