In honor of our veterans and their spouses

In honor of my father who served in WW II and my mother who remained home as an unsung military spouse.

When he was 83, my father described this photo in his memoirs,
“In March (1941) over my birthday, Mom and Dad, Thelma & Herb and Garnetta came down to Camp Shelby, Mississippi to visit me. It was a weekend I’ve always remembered, and hard to describe my feelings as I watched them drive away from Camp to return to Ohio and home.”

By the grace of God, when this photo was taken he could not even begin to imagine the horrors of the war he was about to encounter for 3 ½ years on distant islands of the South Pacific – a period of his life he could never talk about – he simply said, if you have to know what we in the 37th Infantry Division went through, read Stanley A. Frankel’s book, “Frankel-y Speaking about World War II in the South Pacific” (also available online: )

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