Monthly Archives: July 2012

From Lightning Bugs to Bosons

The 2012 Hetrick Family reunion was all but over. Elders, adults, youth, and children all containing the same genes were packing up and heading out. Just three remained seated on folding chairs in the driveway of the old homestead farmhouse. As westerners, were their bodies simply still in a different time zone and thus were […]

Oberlin – Sustainability

As we entered the quant Fresh Start Diner on Main Street in downtown Oberlin, Ohio, bells jingled as the door shut behind us. “Just sit anywhere” the server said. A quick glance around indicated that “anywhere” may have been a hallway in a former life but was recently transformed into an immaculate eatery with a […]

How Plug-in Hybrid Cars Reduce Dependence on Fossil Energy – Some Real Data – Part II

Advancing Sustainable Transportation. 1.0 Introduction. Part I of this series provided some real data that illustrated how a plug-in hybrid vehicle can indeed reduce our dependence on fossil energy (e.g. oil and coal) – using technology available today. Part I illustrated how it is possible to put together a personal solar PV “system” that allows […]