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Mow Down Pollution – 2013

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth” – that’s an old saying I was taught as a child. Quite frankly I’m still not sure I understand what it means – but I think it applies here. The Denver Metro Regional Air Quality Council partnered with Suncor Energy and Black and Decker to host the […]


Headline: As of Thursday, May 9, 2013 the daily 24 hour average of CO2 in the air, as measured by the U.S. monitoring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii was 400 parts per million – the highest level that any human (homo sapien) has ever seen. IF Stephen Colbert heard about this, here’s what he might […]

Mother’s Day – Wilted Dandelions

Wilted Dandelions. By Netta Hetrick …a recipe on page 27 of Debbie Allen’s 1993 Cookbook: “Seasoned with Love.” As is my tradition each spring now that Mom and Dad have passed, I make a “mess” of Wilted Dandelions from the first crop of these nutritious greens most people hate to see growing in their yard. […]