Monthly Archives: July 2011

Digging to China

Sitting together on the shoreline of Hilton Head Island, Milt asks my granddaughter Alex, “Should we dig to China?” The seven year old shoots him a look before answering, ”We can’t dig to China! There’s a molten core down there!” The aeronautical/astronautical engineer is taken aback. Being a child is complicated in this century. There’s […]

Celebrating Moon Walk Day

We two like to think of July 20 as the one truly global holiday. When man set foot on the moon 42 years ago today, human consciousness shifted. Humans looked back at Home. That Milt played a part in making that happen still amazes me. So I propose we set this day aside to do […]

Summer Light

If I’ve become a Westerner, it’s because of the Light. The clarity that comes with dry air enlivens my body, mind, and spirit. Yet this summer solstice finds us driving East, into the increasing haze of humidity co-created by the thickening vegetations and stands of trees. By the time we hike half a mile along […]

Sustainable Energy: Phase I – Sun Farming – One Month Later

Before we turn our attention to supplying the energy needed to heat our home and hot water, let’s recap and update an earlier blog Sustainable Energy: Phase I. where we outline our personal sustainability plan. There we described a newly installed roof-mounted photovoltaic solar system that allows us to harvest some of the Sunlight illuminating […]