Monthly Archives: February 2011

Eros and Evolution

Abraham Lincoln was born on Charles Darwin’s birthday; Charles Darwin was born on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday: both came into the world on February 12, 1809.       Two infants destined for infamy: I picture Lincoln focused backwards in time, called to clean up the mess left by our Founding Fathers over the issue of slavery; […]

Climate Change? Part 1

Anyone confused or skeptical about “Climate Change”? Is weather different from climate? “Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.” ….   Robert Heinlein, American science fiction author “Climate lasts all the time, and weather only a few days.” …..  Mark Twain, Both of these often repeated quotations indicate there is a difference between […]

Mixed Message

As February unfolds, its first day brings sub zero weather: minus seventeen degrees comes as a shock after the previous week’s sixty degrees-plus. Comments abound on the Internet mocking ‘global warming’ even as the coldest winter in U.S. history enfolds the eastern two-thirds of the continent.       In Denver we’re on the backside of […]