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After a full week of ‘weather,’ we can finally see the sun rising above the bank of grey clouds pushing off to the east.         Perhaps now the solar lights can power up enough to stay on beyond the first hour of darkness; perhaps we too will be re-energized with the sun: we’ve […]

Solar Powered LED Lights – A New Experience (Part 2)

In Part #1 of this post, we discussed our purchase of solar powered LED colored lights.  We included a brief description of how this human creation harvests current sunlight during the day, converts this light energy into electrical then chemical energy stored within a battery so it can be released after nightfall to create colored […]

A New Story?

The rain won’t stop. In fact, it’s getting worse. We’ve been awake since four in the morning, listening to the sound of water pounding on the skylight and running off the roof.       By six Milt is asking if it’s time to build an ark. I shudder while recalling the Old Testament story that […]

Whither Weather

This winter begins steeped in gloom: clouds and rain coming in from the Pacific have blocked the sun and the moon. Milt makes sure I get up to view the lunar eclipse anyway. I pull a raincoat on over my pajamas and prepare to sit it out in my lawn chair set up at the […]

Wonder, Wondering, Wondrous

  “You can have your airplanes, but you miss the wonder of the birds,” my first writing mentor was fond of quoting her Welch coal miner grandfather.      I was taking flying lessons at the time, and perhaps her concern was that rational side of my brain would usurp the creative part of my […]

Solar Powered LED Lights – A New Experience (Part 1)

Thanks to our adult children who are advocates of Permaculture and all things sustainable, we became aware of solar powered lights this year.   Yes, these lights are on sale at retail stores such as Target, where they are marketed by Seasonal Specialties L.L.C.; produced under the Philips brand name; and manufactured in China from Earth’s […]

Colored Lights

 “So, what is it that you like about colored lights?” he asks me this mid-December: we are celebrating our first Christmas together as committed partners, and we’ve just sought out and bought three sets of solar powered seasonal lights.      Clearly they are meant for outdoors, which is a new experience for me; I’ve […]

Earth’s Red Rock Studio of Large Sculptures

Driving west on I-70 after sunset, for at least 20 minutes we were mesmerized by the artist’s brilliant red sunlight painted on the bottoms of dark cumulous clouds. With an ever changing canvas, the light faded and the clouds melted into the now black sky covering this vast landscape of the arid Southwest. Mother Earth […]