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Myth gives us a map/picture of the universe – it allows us to see ourselves in relationship to nature – to Mother Earth – to Father Sun

Winter Solstice 2017

Gail and I are about half hour’s drive away from the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in southern Nevada, just west of Las Vegas. As you can see by Gail’s coat and hoody, it does get cold in southern Nevada this time of year, even with global warming. But this was December 21, Winter […]

Dinosaurs 20 Snickers 8

“We have a choice tonight. A piece of candy or a dinosaur.” That was my response to the small costumed crowd chanting “Trick or Treat” on our front porch. “I love dinosaurs” was often the response and the clear winner tonight among the small “trick or treaters” dressed up as and pretending to be their favorite […]

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Part I The Experience

Everyone’s in Albuquerque. That was the response of our balloon pilot when we asked, “Why are we the only people using this hot air balloon launch site this morning?” A member of our chase crew this morning, quickly volunteered that on one occasion, 68 balloons launched in a Mass Ascension from this Chatfield site. As […]

Hot Air Balloon Ride: Part II The Journey

The journey to this place (the Montgolfier Balloon launch site) in this park (Chatfield State Park south of Denver) on this day in 2014 began back in 1997 when my wife, Kim, and I embarked on a road trip from Denver, CO to Cape Canaveral, FL to watch the October launch of NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft. […]

It’s about Isabella and putting a price on carbon

My (step) Great Granddaughter, Isabella Bright was born on 10 Sept 2013. Although music is not my strong suit, I’m sure angels were singing to welcome her appearance as the 7,141,518,710th human soul now living in our social network on planet Earth [Ref 1]. As a Great Grandfather, I’d be remiss not to ponder one of […]

Faithful Witness

Sister Megan Rice Holding Up Sister Megan As Southern Nevada endures record-setting summer temperatures (oh, but it’s a dry heat!), Sister Megan Rice is experiencing the not-so-dry heat of a summer in Georgia, where she’s in prison awaiting a September sentencing. Her latest Transform Ploughshares Now action at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, nuclear weapons facility, […]


Headline: As of Thursday, May 9, 2013 the daily 24 hour average of CO2 in the air, as measured by the U.S. monitoring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii was 400 parts per million – the highest level that any human (homo sapien) has ever seen. IF Stephen Colbert heard about this, here’s what he might […]

Earth Day Thoughts (while ‘on call’ for jury duty)

My name has come up, but not my number: I am to check in every day after 4:30 to learn if/when I am to report. So with my life literally ‘on hold,’ a neighbor tries to assure me that once I turn seventy, I will no longer be expected to serve. If that is true, […]

Warped Time

If one day we stand together at the Pine Creek trailhead, looking down the steep gravel slope, and think we see nothing….utterly nothing…but a desolate desert landscape, we’ll head down that trail that will take us to remnants of yesterday’s Ice Age, slip on the gravel until we come to the smoother multi-colored layers of […]

Giving Thanks 2012

For the Beauty and Bounty of the Earth           and the celebration of it by our Paleo-Indian ancestors