Monthly Archives: January 2011

Listening to the Symphony Orchestra

Applause erupted from the filled Boettcher Concert Hall as Jennifer Koh walked onto the stage, carefully clutching her 1727 Stradivarius violin for a program of Baroque music composed by two contemporaries Bach and Vivaldi. Guest artist Koh soon had the audience mesmerized with her ability to lift the notes from the paper, deftly translate these […]

National Western Stock Show

As we entered the stockyard arena, the unmistakable fragrance of livestock sent me tumbling back into a past life. It was a horrific sight for a 9 year-old farm boy to see on a northern Ohio late summer afternoon. There was Pal, my hoped-to-be prize winning sheep dangling from the wire fence, its right front […]

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

First the sound, then the sight of a sea of people appeared over the crest of the hill on East Colfax Ave. The surreal sight of an empty artery through the city was suddenly replaced by tens of thousands of like-intended people marading[ 1 ] past the gold leaf doom of the State Capitol to […]

Happy New Year

Four…. Three….. Two….. One…. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Right on cue, the tops of the buildings on The Strip of this City of Lights erupted into flares of red, green, yellow, and blue fire in celebration of the upcoming Gregorian Year 2011. Gail and I learned from the Universe Story that the upcoming year is more […]


“The new year dawns bright, clear and mysterious.  May it be one of inner peace and world peace for all living things.” (from a Unitarian Universalist Service Committee holiday card, saved and savored since the mid-eighties) We welcome January, the gate of the year. This first month refers both to the goddess Jana, the Mother of […]