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This section of the blog is used to help become more aware of unsustainable human behavior – areas where humans are not in right relations with other humans, not in right relations with other living species they dependent upon for their own life, not in right relations with planet earth, and thus not in right relations with our solar system and the universe.

In honor of our veterans and their spouses

In honor of my father who served in WW II and my mother who remained home as an unsung military spouse. When he was 83, my father described this photo in his memoirs, “In March (1941) over my birthday, Mom and Dad, Thelma & Herb and Garnetta came down to Camp Shelby, Mississippi to visit […]

It’s about Isabella and putting a price on carbon

My (step) Great Granddaughter, Isabella Bright was born on 10 Sept 2013. Although music is not my strong suit, I’m sure angels were singing to welcome her appearance as the 7,141,518,710th human soul now living in our social network on planet Earth [Ref 1]. As a Great Grandfather, I’d be remiss not to ponder one of […]


Headline: As of Thursday, May 9, 2013 the daily 24 hour average of CO2 in the air, as measured by the U.S. monitoring station in Mauna Loa, Hawaii was 400 parts per million – the highest level that any human (homo sapien) has ever seen. IF Stephen Colbert heard about this, here’s what he might […]

Presidential Debate: 3 Oct 2012.

Not sure what you thought about the first U.S. Presidential debate this week, but I personally thought Jill Stein was the clear winner. My second place vote would probably go to Rocky Anderson. Both Stein and Anderson are untainted by the billions of dollars influencing the Republican and Democrat Presidential Candidates in this year’s election […]

Conservation (Personal Epiphany)

January 6, 2012 was a day when a personal epiphany emerged. Energy Conservation Sucks. The other day, during lunch, a much respected friend (whose wife drives a Prius) made the comment that “the best way to produce energy is to conserve energy.” My first impulse was to agree – then for some reason it occurred […]

Off the Couch

It was a magical moment, one in which something shifted. It came as I was guarding the Occupy Las Vegas supplies of ice, water, signs, and flyers, while a handful of others (including my partner) marched in front of the World Market Center, scene of the Project New West. Four sets of Metro Police stood […]

Occupy [fill in the blank]….

Here is how yesterday could have gone…..   Reporter:   Why are you here today standing on this corner with several dozen other Occupy demonstrators? MAH:  I’m not really sure.  Demonstrating is not my thing. A peace activist once asked Mother Teresa “Why don’t you show up at our anti-war demonstrations?” Mother Teresa replied, “When you hold […]

Social Security (Part II) – What is the ROI?

But there is more to the Social Security story than that expressed in Part I.   Of course as a former Republican, I would expect to have received some “return” on my investment (ROI)  in this “entitlement” program that I was forced to enroll in. So let’s do some more math. Let’s look at a reasonable case […]

Social Security (Part I) – an Entitlement?

Entitlements – a pejorative term used frequently by Republicans and Tea Partiers When I was around 40 and looking ahead to retirement planning, I recall talking with my Dad about the then evident Social Security woes.    I remember telling him that I expected Social Security to be bankrupt by the time I retired and was not planning […]

Was that my alarm going off?

Since 1987……   That was the date on the Wells Fargo debit card I just shredded. Yes, I just closed the account and moved the money from this financial giant occupying Wall Street to a local credit union back home. Thanks to the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest, over a year of studying everything I could find […]