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Myth can provide a sociological function and suggest a social order and moral conduct – a preferred way of living

22,000 Collectors of Sun on the Roof (Let’s Sing Along)

Imagine 22,000 Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules on your roof capable of harvesting free sunlight to produce 6.7 MW of electrical power for the next 20-25 years. If you visit the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas and ride their elevator to the top floor you can look out and not just imagine but actually […]

Solar Jam (II) – Appendix A The Pectin Story

  This is a continuation of a previous blog on Solar Jam.  Because I used a commercial form of pectin that was imported from Denmark, I decided to think about this some more and re-examine everyday life in search of a better path to sustainable living. Imported and Domestic Pectin Options I chose to use “commercial” pectin […]

Solar Jam (I) – Connection to Nature & Insight into Sustainable Living

Sometimes it’s the simple things that teach us clearly and touch us dearly. So I walk for less than a mile from our home and find myself on a gravel path along the Highline Canal, an abandoned farmer’s canal that in its heyday carried irrigation water from the Platte Canyon Reservoir 20 miles south of […]

Having your book on a bookstore shelf

Last Year About a year ago I ran across some advice for ‘wanna-be’ writers. One of the suggestions in this self-help book was: “Visit a local bookstore. Go to the section of the store where your book might be shelved. Envision your book on their shelf. ” So on our next trip to Barnes and […]

Is it getting easier to be green?

Holiday Cheers! First, my apologies to my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all future generations. I purchased something this holiday season we  really didn’t have to have – certainly a questionable use of Earth’s finite resources. [ If the reader is in a hurry, just read the black text.  if you have more time read the […]

It’s about Isabella and putting a price on carbon

My (step) Great Granddaughter, Isabella Bright was born on 10 Sept 2013. Although music is not my strong suit, I’m sure angels were singing to welcome her appearance as the 7,141,518,710th human soul now living in our social network on planet Earth [Ref 1]. As a Great Grandfather, I’d be remiss not to ponder one of […]

Rebel with a Cause

“We see that you didn’t select a meal preference when you registered.” The young woman, eyes focus intently on the laptop screen in front of her, never looking up to make eye contact then asked politely, “Are you satisfied with Chicken? “ Gail nudged me and quietly pointed out the stack of yellow tickets sitting […]

Mow Down Pollution – 2013

“Never look a gift horse in the mouth” – that’s an old saying I was taught as a child. Quite frankly I’m still not sure I understand what it means – but I think it applies here. The Denver Metro Regional Air Quality Council partnered with Suncor Energy and Black and Decker to host the […]

Mother’s Day – Wilted Dandelions

Wilted Dandelions. By Netta Hetrick …a recipe on page 27 of Debbie Allen’s 1993 Cookbook: “Seasoned with Love.” As is my tradition each spring now that Mom and Dad have passed, I make a “mess” of Wilted Dandelions from the first crop of these nutritious greens most people hate to see growing in their yard. […]

CRES Sustainable Living Home Tour 2012

Affirmation comes in many forms. Around 30 like-minded people visited our place on Saturday to ask questions about the recent changes we’ve made to retrofit this 1974 home for more sustainable living. Of the 14 homes on the 2012 Colorado Renewable Energy Society’s (CRES) Sustainable Living tour, this year ours turned out to be the […]