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Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace

Peace does not mean appeasing those powers that perpetuate social injustices and environmental degradation. Rather, peace means nonviolently but actively confronting all such institutionalized principalities. And for inspiration and guidance on how to do just that, I turn to the wisdom in my own faith tradition of Unitarian Universalism, and I begin with Ralph Waldo […]

July Issue of The Interfaith Observer

I sit in the back of the class of fifth graders. We are all on the floor, listening to Mr. S explain the topography of the Grand Canyon. We recently spent two days there on a field trip; I went along as writer-in-residence. Now it is after lunch. Like me, many of the children (the […]

Faithful Witness

Sister Megan Rice Holding Up Sister Megan As Southern Nevada endures record-setting summer temperatures (oh, but it’s a dry heat!), Sister Megan Rice is experiencing the not-so-dry heat of a summer in Georgia, where she’s in prison awaiting a September sentencing. Her latest Transform Ploughshares Now action at the Oak Ridge, Tennessee, nuclear weapons facility, […]